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ReadyPool Technical Services (RPTS) created NIST Assist to empower companies who want to embrace a holistic approach to organizational health and agility.  With over 20 years of past performance in cybersecurity, business process engineering and change management, we are uniquely qualified to bring these philosophies to any company.  NIST Assist is a Program of Instruction (POI) that walks participants through the stages of best practice in accordance with the doctrines from institutions like the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

RPTS is unique in the way it provides professional experts for each stage in your corporate maturity.  Customers are provided access and guidance from subject matter experts depending on the stage of their lifecycle.  This allows our customers to benefit from a pool of talent without having to keep them on retainer.  NIST Assist provides Managed Services as a Microsoft Partner, and leverages the Office 365 Platform as a Service (PaaS) to enable a Unified Risk Management Framework (URMF). 





Eco Assist Software Released in 2015 after 5 years in use for Government Contracts.

RPTS Aquires AIIM Technology


ReadyPool Tech recovers AIIM Servers and all IP.


IT Security Roundtable; Miami


What is going on with IT Security these days?  IT Security incidents are reported daily, they seem to occur constantly with no end in sight, and what do people need to know about IT Security?  Unfortunately the number one thing is there is nothing very “secure” in IT Security, at least not in the sense most people think.  That is not an exaggeration, it is simply the reality we live in today.  There are millions of hacks occurring at any given time somewhere, like lightning striking the earth it’s always happening.  This Event focused on real world application of NIST ASSIST as a countermeasure.


Akal Security


Akal provides protective force services to government agencies and related government security

AIIM Technology


AIIM Technology provides software and services to government contractors.



Beta user of Eco Assist v2.

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