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Optomization Made as Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

All Funding Levels include Business Process Optimization with Risk Management, Compliance, and Security built in.  Start with Basic Managed Services that include everything you need to get started, and evaluate additional funding levels each month.  Pay only for what you need, add or subtract funding levels, and watch your company transform into a well oiled machine that unlocks creativity, is built for teamwork, is integrated for simplicity, and includes intelligent security. 


You can make your IT investments work for you by exploiting the commercial benefits of your existing infrastructure.  By funding a Managed Service Agreement you are guaranteed all the resources you need to achieve your goals.  As a Commercial Account you can change your funding level each month to fit your needs, and cancel your service at any time with no obligations. 

While experts agree that the right mix of Risk Management and Security do in fact pay for themselves, there is no standard method for jump starting your company and achieving the high levels of efficiency that are often promised, but rarely materialize, until now. 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology Assistance Program (NIST Assist), has partnered with Microsoft to provide small businesses with a comprehensive pay as you go program that increases efficiency while instituting a compliant infrastructure.  We make sure our customers identify benefit areas and defer liabilities to their Microsoft Service Level Agreement, and attain efficiencies by instituting software coupled with a set of policies and procedures (controls) that are pre-aligned within your Microsoft Office 365 environment.  There are no hidden costs, and nothing to buy, each funding level uses the software and tools you already have to provide all the systems you need to control the outcomes of your organization. 



Optimization Toolkit Package Benefit:

  • A measurable return on efficiency and compliance

  • A comprehensive IT Assessment performed by Industry Experts

  • Reduction or elimination of multiple types of liabilities*

  • Opportunities to reduce insurance premiums or add coverage at a reduced rate

  • Prepopulated and curated content with Automated Forms process does all the work*

  • Efficiency through standards, workflow, and artificial intelligence*

  • Training and Awareness is part of the process

  • Opportunities to differentiate your business

  • Self-Assessment Tool built into Office 365 for internal use as needed

  • Reduced stress knowing all your bases are covered


How does it work?


Partnered with Microsoft, your designated Program Manager will perform an in-depth assessment of your organization, and provide you with a customized package that includes everything you need to institute formal standards at your company within 48 hours*.  Our assessment identifies the areas you will benefit most, and our solution provides a rich set of features that allows you to institute formal policies, seamlessly train and obtain employee acknowledgements, institute and track corrective actions, and perform ongoing self-assessments as needed.  Based on your ongoing assessment and roadmap, we will provide new software, setup existing software, and guide you in the configuration of your business processes.  We do all the heavy lifting for you by providing talent on demand, but if you need additional support, options are available at contractor rates*.  

Expect a Return on your Investment:

            $499 per month can pay back dividends valued at $20K per year

        $998 per month can pay back dividends valued at $40K per year

        $1450 per month can pay back dividends valued at +$80K per year

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but the reality is that if you focus on making your company more efficient, it becomes more secure, and you become more profitable.  You simply make more money with formal processes.  Why hire the experts when you can lease them.  Let our team perform your assessment today and identify your benefit areas, and help you make a digital transformation into a new age of growth and prosperity.

To take advantage of this offer fill out the form to authorize us to begin the engagement.  You will be contacted within hours by a representative from Microsoft.  There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time. 

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*Liabilities refer to general business categories.  Microsoft Office 365 features are used to facilitate the processes, and may require additional setup if Tenants have not used the services in advance.  Microsoft customers who participate in this Program must maintain a Digital Partnership of Record relationship with assessment partners.

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